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NETA 2 Question Help

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    NETA 2 Question Help

    I've come across a few different questions that have me struggling. They are word for word from the test in the question and answer choices. Any help with these questions is greatly appreciated.

    1. What percentage of variation between fuses can you have before they need to be replaced
    a. 10%
    b. 20%
    c. 25%
    d. 50%

    (I have only found "investigate at a 15% deviation")

    2. In accordance with ANSI/NETA ATS, during thermographic survey, what is the minimum temperature difference between a conductor and ambient air temperature that requires immediate repairs?

    a) >15 Celsius
    b) >27 Celsius
    c) >41 Celsius
    d) >64 Celsius

    (I have found >40 degrees Celsius NETA table 100.18)

    3.What is the recommended current level for testing the contact resistance of a circuit switcher?
    a) 1A
    b) 10A
    c) 100A
    d) 1000A


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