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Maintenance worker survives sustained electrical shock

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    Maintenance worker survives sustained electrical shock

    An Oklahoma man survived an electric shock of nearly 480 volts last Monday night that he says lasted for more than 20 seconds.

    Local firefighters were dispatched a business in Verdigris and discovered the 48-year-old maintenance worker near machinery that he says had shocked him, reports The Daily Progress.

    The man warned firefighters the machine was still energized, telling them to not touch it because they would be at risk of shock. Local VFD chief Mike Shaffer tells The Daily Progress that the man was coherent and claimed the shock lasted about 25 seconds.

    Shaffer said emergency crews had to disengage power to the machinery in order to safely approach the victim, noting when someone comes in contact with electricity the biggest issue is the rescuer becoming shocked themselves.

    The victim was in stable condition upon being air lifted to a Tulsa hospital.

    Read more: http://www.claremoreprogress.com/new...2c1f409d9.html


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