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Digitrip 1150 & 520 Trip Curve Calculator (Time Saver)

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    Digitrip 1150 & 520 Trip Curve Calculator (Time Saver)

    Automated excel sheets calculate trip times for the EATON Digitrip 1150 and 520 trip units, based on settings you input. This is a very useful tool as it saves a bunch of time having to manually look up curves.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    1. Select current sensor size from the pull down menu, choose "5" for Amptector testing.

    2. Enter test current multiplier for Long Time Delay (ex. 3 or 6)

    3. Choose trip unit settings for Long, Short, Instantaneous, and Ground Fault functions where applicable from the pull down menus. The sheet will automatically calculate your test current and expected min/max trip times.

    Tables showing available trip settings and times for all functions are also included. This is a very useful tool that will save you many headaches in the field. Downloads are available through the attachment links below, big thanks to JG for sending these out.
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