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Building fundamental knowledge of Relay Protection

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    Another vote for the The Relay Testing Handbook! It is a great resource. And whenever you can I would go to a Hands on Relay School at WSU in Pullman, WA. It is well worth the money even out of your own pocket.

    Go Cougs!

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    M&R resources

    Quote Originally Posted by cotton View Post
    Hey all,

    So I've been placed in the Relay team at work and have been at it for nearly 2 months. The most notable work experience so far has been terminating a Line panel w/ SEL-421 relays and the breaker it protects, a 34kV GE(from the 90's). I witnessed some End to End testing of said relays, hooked up some SCADA alarm wires etc.

    Lately I've been helping with a Digital Fault Recorder system that monitors PT's and CT's inside the Utilities house at various substations. Interesting stuff.

    I've bought "The Relay Testing Handbook" and am reading it to get more familiar with the different elements and how to test them. Also reading the Art and Science of Protective Relaying, although it's a little over my head right now.

    I imagine I won't be set loose on any Relays in the field any time soon as I'm so new, but I figure at least I may try to understand whats going on while the other techs are commissioning/testing them.

    Do you have any thoughts/links/books as to what I should be consuming to build a fundamental knowledge of Relay Protection? Note, (plant/industrial)electrician with 14 years experience just started in Utilities.

    My study list so far:
    CT's/PT's: ratios, connections,
    Breakers: Understanding the control circuits, basic operations
    Utility Substations: Identifying items on one line and field, power sources
    Relays: Communicating to them, relay logic, settings, protection zones, protective elements

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
    See below resource list, many white papers and protective relay info available

    Ametek www.ametekpower.com
    Weschler www.weschler.com
    Yokogawa www.yokogawa-usa.com

    ABB - ASEA www.abb.com/AbbLibrary/DownloadCenter
    Basler www.basler.com
    Beckwith www.beckwithelectric.com
    GE inactive products http://store.gedigitalenergy.com/Manuals
    GE http://www.gedigitalenergy.com/multi...uals/index.htm
    SEL www.selinc.com
    Tyco (Agastat & Potter Brumfield) http://relays.tycoelectronics.com/pnb.asp

    Test Equipment
    Arbiter www.arbiter.com
    AVO www.avotraining.com
    Doble www.doble.com
    Manta www.mantatest.com
    Megger www.megger.com/us

    The Relay Testing Handbook-A Practical Guide from the Field by Chris Werstiuk
    Protective Relaying: Principles and Applications by J. Lewis Blackburn
    Modern Solutions for Protection, Control, and Monitoring of Electric Power Systems by SEL
    Journal of Reliable Power by SEL (Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories) www.selinc.com
    Art & Science of Protective Relaying http://www.gedigitalenergy.com/multi...tsci/index.htm


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    I second this list

    This a great list of free reading material. There a lot of sites that you can download material from. If in your area you have a Half Price Books, I have found many Power Engineering Books that can explain the basics here.

    Good Luck!

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    Thank you for all the information

    Quote Originally Posted by Kalbi_Rob View Post
    Chris Werstiuk also has a online training courses:

    He also has a youtube channel:

    I was lucky enough to see him give a seminar at Hands-on Relay School. It was interesting how he went from straight Calculus (nobody in the room had experience with Calculus) to basic vector math to explain 3-phase fault analysis. I learned more in that hour than any other course I've been through. I just wish I had his powerpoint slide to refresh my memory from time to time.
    I am new to the industry as well and this thread has all sorts of useful information from the members. Thank you everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gsharpes View Post

    I have attached links to the two presentations that Chris has recently done at Hands on Relay School. I will also link to the archive for the past 7 years of HRS lectures. Not all of them are available but the committee has been trying to be better about making sure we have copies available on the website. Hope you are able to once again attend school in the future.




    I didn't take the advantage of downloading these lectures from the years previously, and now the link seems to be broken. Shame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalbi_Rob View Post
    I didn't take the advantage of downloading these lectures from the years previously, and now the link seems to be broken. Shame.
    I downloaded most of them Kalbi_Rob, if you like send me a dm and we can figure out how to share them. A lot of them are powerpoint presentations, so some of the slides are just to help the speaker. Still a lot of good info.

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    Hands on Relay Lectures

    Quote Originally Posted by Kalbi_Rob View Post
    I didn't take the advantage of downloading these lectures from the years previously, and now the link seems to be broken. Shame.
    Sorry, it is disappointing that WSU deleted all the documents off their server. We are working on setting up a Hands on Relay School website that the committee will control. I believe we might have an archive of most of the old lectures that we will be able to post again when the site is complete.

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