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Differential Slope 1 and 2

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    Differential Slope 1 and 2

    What are we testing with the Slope test?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Js20981 View Post
    What are we testing with the Slope test?
    How little current your test set can output?

    Seriously though, in a modern (digital) relay you are testing the settings (Slp1, Slp2, breakpoint between). The slope 2 is there because on a through fault, the CT's can misbehave and not supply accurate replicas of the primary signal. The larger % on slope 2 allows for greater mis match at current levels associated with a through fault. Slope 1 (on a Tx) is allowing for tap changer operations (+/-10 %).

    It is just as important that the relay restrains for a through fault as well as it tripping for an internal fault.


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