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SEL 2440 Breaker Simulator Settings

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    May 2021

    SEL 2440 Breaker Simulator Settings

    Hi Everyone!

    Im new to the site and I have recently built a few breaker simulators using Electric Reset Lockout Relays. They work well but are specific to the voltage required of the LOR and some power supplies dont have the capacity to reset them due to the impedance of the coil.

    Does anyone have any logic diagrams, schematics, or settings file to turn a SEL 2440 into a breaker simulator? I would appreciate any resources. Thank you in advance.

    Ben Smith.

    attached is a draft logic diagramLOGIC DIAGRAM.pdf
    Last edited by Smitty; May 31, 2021 at 04:52 PM. Reason: I threw something together and thought I would share


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