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Dear NETA. I Passed!!

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    Dear NETA. I Passed!!

    Dear NETA,

    A few months ago I posted these questions under the thread **Remembered NETA 2 questions**. After soaking in all input from this forum (thank you to ALL who contributed to my posts) and continuing my education on items I was not that familiar with, I can successfully say I passed your NETA 2. It was a daunting task and my brain hurts from all the information I have gone over the past few months. After my wife almost left me because my head was more concentrated on your standards, rather than her attention, I now understand the concept.
    It truly does take FIELD EXPERIENCE to pass this test. IF you are a new tech to the industry, do not get discouraged if you fail this test once, twice, three times, or in my case, 4 times! It took getting jobs that actually work on the equipment listed to retain the knowledge I finally know. I have been with a NETA firm for 5 years. Before that, I was a journeyman-lineman with an added 5 years. 10 total in the high voltage electrical industry. I had almost given up on the thought of passing this test. However, with patience comes reward.
    You WILL feel like this test is too much! Dear NETA, IT IS!!

    There is no way to your standards that a 2 year man/woman should know the required knowledge to pass this test. I understand I may receive backlash from this, but give us a break. I actually studied more NETA 3 questions than NETA 2 and I feel that is how I was able to pass this test. When these standards were written, it was the technological ice age. I understand they are updated. But so it my IPhone X. Now, every technician is equipped with a computer, smart phone, and all the resources available to him/her so that whatever standard is required, we can easily find the information within a matter of minutes. Can we not come to terms with a society that is so technologically advanced that we can't even consider a vote on "open book" for some tests?

    I have not posted these questions as a "cheat sheet". My integrity and willingness to find this information on my own should show my willingness to thrive in this fast paced, sleep-deprived trade.

    Every NETA company can tell you finding help is scarce, especially in this economy. I urge any NETA member reading this to consider the future of this business. Help us help you. Word on the street is that you revamped the NETA 2 test because one lackluster company was caught cheating. Must we and all future technicians suffer from the mishap of one company? Or can you come to terms with the new age and allow anyone with a drive for excellence and a willingness to learn overcome such a complicated, extensive test?

    Either way.

    I passed. On to your level 3!

    A multimeter is device that is connected:

    Low impedance, series
    Low impedance, parallel
    high impedance, series
    high impedance, parallel (correct answer)

    Blow out coils are found on AIR circuit breakers

    Puffer tubes are found on AIR circuit breakers to aid in the extinguishing of the arc.

    Thermography scans require minimum 40% load.

    >15 C in a thermography scan denotes major discrepancy; repair immediately.

    SAE 5 Bolt (know what it looks like)

    Highest pickup for LV-480 system ground?

    1200A (Correct Answer)

    Why do an insulation test between the neutral and ground?
    To ensure that no other grounds are landed which could result in GF sensitivity

    Interlock on MV MCC between switch and contactor. Why?
    The interlock prevents the switch from being opened while the contactor is closed!

    Which gauge should be recorded in oil sample report so that can be verification of moisture/no moisture in XFMR paper?
    Oil Temperature

    What is the role of a VFD?
    To control the speed of AC induction motors.

    27 device

    51:Time overcurrent
    50: Instantaneous Time Overcurrent
    52: AC Circuit Breaker
    59: over voltage
    86: Lockout
    ***87: Differential: The question on the test gives you a schematic with a picture of an 87 relay (with other ANSI device numbered symbols.) Along with that picture you’ll have two lines that go to two different CTs. The question will be, what CTs are associated with the differential relay? If you know 87 is differential relay, you’ll know what it feeds. In my case, it was an 800:5 CT and a 1200:5 CT)
    37: Undercurrent
    47: Phase Sequence Voltage Relay

    13.8 Rated voltage. What minimum insulated gloves?
    Class 2

    Unit for Apparent Power?

    At what level does ventricular fibrillation occur?
    100 mA-2000 mA

    Testing circuit motor circuits would best be achieved by use of?

    Ohmmeter (Correct Answer)
    Phase-angle meter

    The Standard for Testing UPS batteries is:
    IEEE 450

    Insulated Gloves should be electrically tested every:
    6 months

    Disadvantage of (dc) hipot testing while testing MV shielded cables:

    can’t detect faults
    cant detect high impedance
    requires high amounts of voltage (correct answer)
    test set not easily portable

    Which of the following is not required by NETA-ATS for AC induction motors?
    Power factor

    What are considered Network protectors?

    A network protector is a special self-contained air breaker or switching unit having a full complement of current, potential and control transformers, as well as relay functionality.

    Batteries are measured in Amp/hours

    The unit for arc flash is calories per centimeter squared.

    You arrive to find a MV circuit breaker open. At the mechanical switch to the unit, you see the mechanical switch open with a red flag. What would this indicate?

    The breaker lost control power
    The breaker was opened with the mechanical switch (correct answer)
    The open signal was the last command given
    The mechanical indicator is no good

    What test is required for a 15 KV switch

    Hipotential (Correct Answer)
    power factor

    Which Transformer test could magnetize the windings?
    Excitation (Correct Answer)
    Zero Sequence Impedance

    Know what a tap changer looks like in a XFMR.
    Picture of a DETC

    If a motor and chain are present on an OLTC, once the tap is raised to the highest level and its still giving a raised signal, what should the motor OLTC do?

    motor should stop, stay at highest level (Correct Answer)
    motor continue til raise signal is gone
    motor continue in reverse til back to neutral
    motor stop, cool down

    If a circuit is de-energized, locked-out, but NOT verified zero voltage and no protective grounds are in place the work is considered:

    NOT in a work-safe condition

    Arcing in oil sample represents what chemical.

    Batteries can produce dangerous levels of hydrogen.

    Outdoor switchgear visual, mechanical inspections.
    Clean insulators

    Outdoor panel class is:

    For a switchgear space heater, according to Ohms Law as the voltage of the unit increases, the current decreases.

    Which has the greatest TIME difference?
    Extremely inverse
    moderately inverse
    slightly inverse

    Micro ohms to Ohms.
    256 micro-ohms is .000256 ohms

    System voltage could be read through a micro processing relay by which of the following?
    PTs (Correct Answer)
    Phase Angle
    Main Breaker interrupting current

    How could you recognize the difference between fiber optic cables and insulated cables?

    insulated cables are shield
    fiber optic cables require light to admit information
    fibers optic cables are flexible
    fiber contains RJ45 terminations (Correct Answer)

    Which type of cables if used for LV conductors?

    THHN (Correct Answer)

    What type of switch is best used for commercial/light industrial services rated 2000/4000 amps?

    Safety switch
    Metal enclosed interrupter
    Bolted pressure (Correct Answer)

    86 is a lockout relay

    According to NETA MTS-2019, what is the test voltage for a dc hipot voltage for a 15 KV SWTCH?
    28.8 (Correct Answer)

    When taking MTS oil samples in the field on an oil filled apparatus, bubbles in an oil sample:

    Should be removed by the oil sample testing firm before testing
    should be removed immediately (Correct Answer)
    should not be removed before shipping to testing firm
    are acceptable to certain limits

    During ATS testing, fuse readings on a MV Fused Switch deviate by than 30%. What is the NETA-recommendation?
    Inspect (Correct Answer)
    FUSES Should not deviate by more than 15%

    ***49.) Low resistance ohm (contact resistance) readings should not deviate 50% from the?
    Highest reading
    mean reading
    lowest value (Correct Answer)
    median value

    ***50.) The small notch in a fuse is for what?

    A rejection feature is used to prevent fuses with a lower voltage or interrupting rating (such as Class H and Midget fuses) from being used in a circuit that needs a higher rating. Class R and CC fuseblocks incorporate a built-in rejection feature while Class J and T blocks reject based on physical size

    On a window CT with primary power going through H1-H2, What terminal will the secondary voltage exit from?

    A) Line Side
    B) Load Side
    C) X1 (Correct Answer)
    D) X2

    Applying a solidly grounded wire immediately after performing a high-potential test:
    Will ensure immediate personally safety.
    May damage the insulation under test. (Correct Answer)

    Which of the following is LEAST likely to contain a blown fuse trip device?
    A. molded case circuit breaker
    B. 360 amp 4.16 KV motor starter
    C. low voltage power circuit breaker
    D. 200 amp fused safety switch (Correct Answer)
    E. none of the above

    Transformer polarity is best achieved by reading between:
    H1-X1 (Correct Answer)

    TTR calculation on a DELTA-WYE Transformer

    3 Problems on Power Triangle(Find KVAR) a squared + b squared= c squared

    Grounding (Main Bonding Jumper)

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    Someone needs to buy this man a beer for such an open and honest testament. I'm sure many can relate.

    Congratulations on your achievement.

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  5. ZachOlivier is offline Junior Member Pro Subscriber
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    Great stuff here, I remember some, if not most of these from my NETA 2 test.. I take my NETA 3 Monday, lets see how it goes

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    Fiber Optic Cables and Insulated Cables Question

    The question reads:

    How could you recognize the difference between fiber optic cables and insulated cables?

    I forget the answer options, but none of them really made sense and the correct answer was "fiber optic cables use RJ45 terminations", which is flat out wrong. An RJ45 is used on copper ethernet cables. I have no idea what this question should actually be so I have no idea how to fix it. Was someone trying to remember something they saw (and didn't understand at all) on the exam and came up with this? Was the original question "How could you recognize the difference between fiber optic and ethernet cables?" and the correct answer is "ethernet cables use RJ45 connectors"? Regardless, this question should get overhauled or just deleted.

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  9. Mark223 is offline Junior Member Pro Subscriber
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    Thank You

    You post help alot. I just did my today and pass. 😊😊. I think about 20+ of the question here was on my. They kind of re-word the question a little bit but the answer was like word by word.

    So for people taking there, i said do the testguy quiz. That also help me alot. GL

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    Quote Originally Posted by A_Powers1992 View Post

    At what level does ventricular fibrillation occur?
    100 mA-2000 mA
    This is incorrect. Right from TestGuy "How Electricity affects your body"

    'Ventricular fibrillation occurs with currents as low as 60-100 mA in AC systems. For DC, about 300 to 500 mA.'

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  13. DLWood is offline Junior Member Pro Subscriber
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    Thanks for taking the time for this

    I'm preparing for NETA 2 and i've done several practice tests and its good to hear someone elses story.

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    Congratulations man! Thank you for giving back by uploading the questions you remembered. As someone new to the industry it's great to hear about people going at it until they pass!

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    Congratulations on your achievement.

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  19. A_Powers1992 is offline Junior Member Pro Subscriber
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    How was your level 3?

    Quote Originally Posted by ZachOlivier View Post
    Great stuff here, I remember some, if not most of these from my NETA 2 test.. I take my NETA 3 Monday, lets see how it goes
    Based on your experience with the level 2 test, how did your level 3 test go sir?

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