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Before beginning work

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    Before beginning work

    8. You go to an outdoor substation to test a transformer. Before beginning work, you should:
    Your Answer: record nameplate information

    Help: OSHA 29CFR 1910.269(l)(11)
    Non-current-carrying metal parts. Non-current-carrying metal parts of equipment or devices, such as transformer cases and circuit-breaker housings, shall be treated as energized at the highest voltage to which these parts are exposed, unless the employer inspects the installation and determines that these parts are grounded before employees begin performing the work.

    It also states. 1910.269(a)(1)(i)
    This section covers the operation and maintenance of electric power generation, control, transformation, transmission, and distribution lines and equipment. These provisions apply to:
    Power generation, transmission, and distribution installations, including related equipment for the purpose of communication or metering that are accessible only to qualified employees;

    NOTE TO PARAGRAPH (a)(1)(i)(A): The types of installations covered by this paragraph include the generation, transmission, and distribution installations of electric utilities, as well as equivalent installations of industrial establishments. Subpart S of this part covers supplementary electric generating equipment that is used to supply a workplace for emergency, standby, or similar purposes only. (See paragraph (a)(1)(i)(B) of this section.)


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